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The story of Sedona as a singer/songwriter starts on a cold February evening in Spokane, Washington, following what became the last snow of the season.  As was tradition, she set out for sledding down the hill behind her home. It only took one run for a tree to jump in front of her, and set her on the way to get her ankle in a cast.  Her high school athletic ambitions thus put on hold, she found her mom’s old guitar, put her leg up, and got busy teaching herself how to play. Soon she had learned a few chords, wrote down a few thoughts, and proceeded to make music.

Perhaps the story begins earlier, since Sedona’s first instrument was the drums.  She started playing in elementary school, rocking the talent show, and continued through middle school, earning many accolades along the way. She soon switched to clarinet, keyboards, and guitar.

By high school, she was voted “Most Likely to Win a Grammy” by her classmates.

Her musical talent was further uncovered by her relationship with the band Train. Beginning as a fan, then being recognized as an artist, Sedona has subsequently performed with Train in concert several times at large venues throughout the United States.

She was a featured performer on the 5th and 6th Sail Across the Sun music cruise festivals, playing to a large, very appreciative and musically savvy audience.  Her lyrics and presentation hit at the emotions of the listeners, alternately bringing tears, laughter, joy, and deserved appreciation by her fans.

Sedona has performed at events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington state and in Idaho.  Playing mostly original songs and including popular covers, her performances have garnered overwhelmingly positive responses.

Her first professional recording was the catchy “Bottom of Your Bottle”.  This song, as is true of most of her recordings, comes from personal experience and is something people of all ages and genders can relate to.  In 2019, she released her first EP, titled "Middle of the Night". The beautiful melodies and relatable lyrics of the songs have gained her many new fans and followers.

Currently a student at the University of Washington in Seattle, Sedona continues to improve and experiment musically while still attending to her studies.